Our Frequently asked questions page was added to give you additional information. We have added them based on our customers feedback

Q. What should I bring on board to wear?

A. We recommend a long sleeve shirt, a hat and a towel. Bring any personal items that you feel comfortable with but please limit it only what you need. This will maximize space on the boat.

Q. What is the recommended tip for a trip? 

A. This really is the most common question we get. Our crews pride themselves on offering you and group a fantastic experience and much of their pay is determined by tips, that being said; The average tip is $10.00 per person per tank for divers or 25% for snorkelers, however, you are welcome to tip whatever you feel based on how much you enjoyed the trip and level of service you received. This should be provided after each trip rather than at the end of the week.

Q. How long are the trips?

A. Typically our trips are about 4 hours in length, however depending on the sites time may vary a bit.

Q. Can we dive with Nitrox?

A. Absolutely, but at this time we only have Air available, so if you would like to dive Nitrox, please give us a call to make arrangements for us to obtain it for your dive.

Q. Are there any good restaurants in the area of the boat?

A. There is! Shipwrecks and Buzzard’s are located on our canal. You can also ask us and we can give you some suggestions.

Q. Are there water tanks on board for camera equipment?

A. Yes we have a large tank on board to protect your equipment. Just let us know and we can fill it with fresh water.

Q. Are we allowed to bring Alcohol on board with us?

A. We are ok with you bringing a few light beverages with you, but there is no consuming them during the dives, however if you would like to have a beer on your way back in, we are ok with that.